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Things become easier with every knowledge we get. What was once complicated is now simple. If we have tools that shows us every step we want to take in a simple way, whole world gets simplified.

Select the right path

When market goes up, all the sudden we are all experienced traders and investors. But we all know that market does not go all the time in the same direction. What is then the correct path? Where are traps and what are successful people tricks?


Security has more sides, from which none of should be ignored. But reality shows, that when we are excited, we ignore all of them. What is right and what is wrong is usually asked at the time when it’s too late. Measures are very simple…

7 most important questions, — that I will get answered on this page:

  1. How cryptocurrencies work and what are they?
  2. What is the cheapest way to buy cryptocurrency?
  3. How to take care about security in crypto world?
  4. What is the best way to convert crypto back to € or $?
  5. How to get free cryptocurrencies?
  6. How and in which ICO / STO / IEO-s to invest?
  7. How to perform specific procedures in crypto world?
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Coin Analysis
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Choose a topic

that is most interesting to you

Every topic will provide you basic knowledge about the topic and give you also specific useful information that can save you hours or days of investigating and in some cases also tons of nerves when you are not sure if you are doing things correctly.

  • Education
    Explanation of all basic topics on field of cryptocurrencies
  • Security
    Various security perspectives. Ensuring security on all steps of crypto path. Different levels of security and the justification of providing a certain level
  • Exchanges
    Exchange information. Fee comparison. Video support for: Registration, 2FA, KYC. Listed currencies. Supported trading types.
  • Wallets
    Suitability of different wallets based on intention of use. Video support for: Installation, opening the account
  • Airdrops & Forks
    Airdrops & Forks
    What are Airdrops and what Forks? How to get free money? List of currently active airdrops and forks. Participation instructions.
  • Coin Analysis
    Coin Analysis
    What's the intention of a coin? Development. Roadmap following. State of coin in numbers.
  • Debit Cards
    Debit Cards
    How the card is connected with crypto? Card availability. Fees and limits. Video support for: Registration, KYC, Ordering, Activation, 2FA
  • ICO / STO / IEO
    ICO / STO / IEO
    Different intentions when participating in ICO / STO / IEO. Project intention. Team. Media support. Connection between project and coin. ICO / STO / IEO scores for different participation intentions.
  • Mining
    Active configurations and current results. History of profitability and ROI. Availability of configuration. Equipment ordering.
  • Trading
    Explanation of different trading types. Exchanges that support specific trading type. Hourly market following.
  • Events
    Short specific theme workshops. 1 day seminars. Personal meetings.
  • FB LIve
    FB LIve
    Recordings of specific theme FB lives in video, audio and textual form

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Measures for security in crypto world are very simple, but we must have them always in mind. When handling with € or $ we have security measures already in our subconscious mind. Nobody’s mind is crossed with leaving wallet on the table in the bar, and that’s exactly what is happening lot’s of times with cryptocurrencies, where people in a hurry, chasing fast profits overlook and don’t bother risks that are there at certain steps.

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Select the right path
Select the right path

What is ultimately the right path, nobody knows. But based on experiences, which made reach people rich, we can choose the path, which is the best for us. For some, this is mining, for some trading, others prefer investing or maybe even being able to receive free coins. Whatever you choose is the right choice and you should know what and when to do something at each one of them if you want to make profits.

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Maybe you don’t know some of terms above, or you don’t know how to use some of this informations. Here we will bring you in a few steps from knowing the terms, to using the knowledge and also understanding what are good practices and what not, which will in less than an hour bring you way ahead before most people that are searching this infos using various sources on web and learning on their own mistakes.

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