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  • Education
    Explanation of all basic topics on field of cryptocurrencies
  • Security
    Various security perspectives. Ensuring security on all steps of crypto path. Different levels of security and the justification of providing a certain level
  • Exchanges
    Exchange information. Fee comparison. Video support for: Registration, 2FA, KYC. Listed currencies. Supported trading types.
  • Wallets
    Suitability of different wallets based on intention of use. Video support for: Installation, opening the account
  • Airdrops & Forks
    Airdrops & Forks
    What are Airdrops and what Forks? How to get free money? List of currently active airdrops and forks. Participation instructions.
  • Coin Analysis
    Coin Analysis
    What's the intention of a coin? Development. Roadmap following. State of coin in numbers.
  • Debit Cards
    Debit Cards
    How the card is connected with crypto? Card availability. Fees and limits. Video support for: Registration, KYC, Ordering, Activation, 2FA
  • ICO
    Different intentions when participating in ICO. Project intention. Team. Media support. Connection between project and coin. ICO scores for different participation intentions.
  • Mining
    Active configurations and current results. History of profitability and ROI. Availability of configuration. Equipment ordering.
  • Trading
    Explanation of different trading types. Exchanges that support specific trading type. Hourly market following.
  • Events
    Short specific theme workshops. 1 day seminars. Personal meetings.
  • FB LIve
    FB LIve
    Recordings of specific theme FB lives in video, audio and textual form
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What is the intention of cryptocurrencies?

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Why are some exchanges better than others?

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