Frequently Asked Questions - AllAboutCrypto

All gift certificates are for specific type of purchase.

On certificate itself it is written what is it for.

You can use the certificate anytime in a way described with terms on certificate itself.

If it is not clear for specific certificate, please write us a question about that to and we will be glad to answer all the questions.

Promotional codes are currently used only for seminars and workshops.

If you have a promotional code, use it when buying an event ticket either on our purchase page or show it directly on the event before buying the ticket.

We support:

-Bank Wire transfers


-Credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express...)


Yes. We support payment with PayPal supported credit cards. You don't need to register at PayPal to execute a payment. We support all credit cards that are supported by PayPal, meaning VISA, Mastercard, American Express ...